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Intermediate Free Maths Games

The Intermediate section of Free Maths Games is full of fun activities for learning and practicing Intermediate maths. It has a full set of simple lessons, fun games and quick tests for Intermediate maths learners from 11 to 14 to use with over 300 topics! Select the Start button in the top navigation bar to choose your first topic to learn or play.


10 intermediate level games
@ Free Maths Games

Use our 10 free games to learn or revise your Intermediate maths topics and have fun at the same time... The games range from familiar old formats like "4 in a row" to new interactive titles like "Duck shoot" , "The frog flies" and "The beetle and the bee".

You can play the 10 practice games with any of our 300+ Intermediate topics at Free Maths Games. The games will help learners aged 11 to 14 from around the world studying intermediate maths by reinforcing the maths they have learned in the lesson section. Free Maths Games is designed to make learning intermediate maths both fun and really productive!

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Lessons and tests at
Free Maths Games

In addition to the games, there are both lessons and tests for every Intermediate topic here at Free Maths Games. The lessons include an introduction to the topic plus an "Either / Or" activity and a multiple choice activity which you the Intermediate learner should work through before attempting the games.

When you are comfortable with the topic you might like to attempt the two simple Intermediate level tests available with Free Maths Games. The writing test is a chance to type in your answers to the questions and has quite a funny help system which may or may not be that helpful...

Intermediate topics

Each of our Intermediate maths topics is between 14 and 40 items - either equations, words, or series - as questions and answers. If you choose to have the robot voice on, the questions and answers are spoken by your friendly local android. If you didn't catch the question, click on the question box to hear the question again (and get an enhanced view of the question).

Please note that the international version of Free Maths Games matches our US materials in terms of school structure (2 years of preschool, 5 years of primary / elementary, and the first 3 years of secondary / intermediate). If you want to follow the UK National Curriclum, select the UK site from the settings.

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