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Preschool level topics

Topic icon key
EquationEach item in the topic is in the form of an equation
IdentifyEach item in the topic is a thing
Missing itemEach item in the topic is a statement with a missing term

Number of itemsThere are 10 items in this topic

Extended itemsAdditional questions for games and tests in this topic

Our preschool level maths topics for preschool are made up of between 4 and 16 question and answer pairs (both the written form and a robot voice speaking those questions and answers).

A topic is selected at the beginning of a session at Free Maths Games and will be remembered when you move between games or activities. The maths for the topic is carefully constructed to match the INTL preschool maths taught around the world. This means you should see similar maths problems to those your child is seeing at preschool for any particular subject. Please let us know if that is not the case.

Screenshot of the Cat and mouse game for learning and practicing preschool maths online

There are over 170 topics to choose from for preschool at Free Maths Games divided into 2 age ranges, 4 to 5 and 5 to 6.

For age 4 to 5 we have 50 topics available in 11 top level categories. These categories are: Colour, Shape, Size, Position, More or less, Count, Addition, Subtraction, Measure, Money and Time. Click here to see a list of age 4 to 5 topics with descriptions.

For age 5 to 6 we offer 125+ topics in 14 top level categories. These categories are: Counting, Comparing numbers, Pattern, Place value, Addition, Subtraction, Add & Subtract, Multiplication, Division, Multiply & Divide, Fractions, Measurements, Shapes and Position & Direction.

How to choose a beginner maths topic screenshot of Choosing a topic for preschool

Click on the "1. Start" button in the top navigation bar - that brings you to this topic selection page. Here you will see that the topics are divided up:

  1. By level (preschool, beginner and intermediate)
  2. By age
  3. Into broad categories

You have chosen to view the preschool topics. The ages for this level will have loaded. Choose the correct age of your child. The broad categories available will load. Click on a category to see the available sub-categories and topics.

For example, if you choose the category: "Size" for age 4 to 5 you will be offered a choice of sub-categories suitable for that age range. Click on each sub-category to view the available topics.

When you click on the name of a topic, the topic will load (once a topic has loaded it will be available for all activities and will not have to be downloaded again) and the lesson for that topic will start. You can do the lesson or jump immediately to the games using that topic.

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