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Click / tap on rocks and answer maths questions to win the game

Large thumbnail for maths game Rock fall

ROCK FALL is based on the road traffic warning sign for falling rocks - a sign that seems a bit less useful than somebody getting up there on that cliff and actually doing something about it... Anyway, the rocks are falling and it is your job to stop them hitting the road below, or at least stopping them hitting the road below too many times and breaking it. Smash the rocks by clicking or tapping on them (not so easy in real life of course) - they will turn into snowflakes and float gently down into nothing.

Screenshot of the Sow grow game for learning and practicing preschool maths online

There are 4 rocks to stop and not much time to do it (if you want to get a good score and get on the leaderboard). This game is fun and fast and requires good reflexes and a good strategy. Plan to break the smaller rocks first if you want a good score because the rocks fall faster as the game progresses. It also helps to decide where on their path you plan to click / tap the rocks.

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How to play ROCK FALL

Free Maths Games screenshot of Rock fall game for preschool

There are rocks falling from an unstable cliff. You need to break the rocks by clicking / tapping on them...

  1. Press "PLAY" on the settings page to open the game page.
  2. There is a short countdown before the game starts.
  3. Rocks start falling from the cliff.
  4. Click or tap on a rock to break it into a snowflake - a question box will open with up to 4 multiple choice answers or an on screen keyboard.
  5. Enter or click/tap the correct maths answer to close the question box.
  6. Rocks fall faster as the game progresses.
  7. Clear all the rocks to finish the game.
  8. It is a good idea to hit the small rock first as it gets much harder if you leave it until later.
  9. This is a timed game and your score is calcuated by adding 10 seconds for each wrong answer to your game time.
  10. If you get one of the 10 best times for the topic you can add your name to the leaderboard for your chosen topic.
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