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Free maths games, lessons and tests

Use our free games, lessons and tests to learn or revise your maths and have fun at the same time! Each topic at comes with 3 simple lessons to introduce you to the ideas involved. There are 10 maths games you can play with any topic. Once you've played some games, take the 2 tests to confirm you've really understood the topic. All the activities are free to use and work on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.

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The topics are divided into 3 levels, preschool, primary and secondary. Each level is divided into top tier categories of maths subjects. Free Maths Games is designed to make learning and practicing maths both real fun and really productive!

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Our preschool section is packed with introductory topics suitable for children aged 4 to 5.

We cover all the categories of maths you would expect such as Colours, Shapes, simple addition and subtraction, etc., etc. There are 50 topics in total in the preschool section of


The primary section of is packed with introductory topics suitable for children aged 5 to 11.

We have endeavoured to cover the national curriculum for Mathematics key stages 1 and 2. The categories of maths include addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, shapes, statistics, algebra, etc., etc. There are 800 topics in total in 12 different categories in the primary section of

Learning and revising with Free Maths Games

As a pupil, you can use Free Maths Games to learn new maths but more likely as a revision or practice aid for maths topics you've already been introduced to in school. The maths you will be studying is derived from the UK national curriculum for your selected level.

Once you have selected your level you need to select a topic to practice or study. Each topic is between 6 and 20 maths question + answer pairs. Questions can be in the form of equations, sentences, images, lists, etc. Answers can be numbers, equations, words, or series.

There are 3 different types of activities for you to use: lessons, games and tests. The lesson section introduces you to some of the questions in the topic using 3 activities to familiarize you with the subject matter. Use the games to practice and enhance your understanding of the topic. Having tried a few games, try the tests to confirm you've got that topic down good and are ready for the next one...

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Free Maths Games is a free website for learning and practicing maths for children.

It has a complete set of free lessons, games and quick tests to use with over 1400 topics at two different levels.

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