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Aim: Choose the right answer; beat the clock
You start the game with 50 points. Each question has 2 to 4 answers. Select the correct answer before your time runs out to score points. Right answers are +10, wrong answers are -2, out of time is -5.

This is a timed game. Your final score is equal to the total score minus time taken.
Round to nearest 10,000
 Round to nearest 10,000 
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CHOOSE OR LOSE game to learn 'Round to nearest 10,000' for 4th grade

4th grade / Place value / Rounding numbers / Round to nearest 10,000

With our Choose or lose math game you will be practicing the topic "Round to nearest 10,000" from 4th grade / Place value / Rounding numbers. The math in this game consists of 14 questions that ask you to use place values to round numbers up to 1 million up or down to the nearest 10,000.

Select the correct answers to the elementary math problems before the clock counts you out

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Our CHOOSE OR LOSE game is a simple activity to help elementary math learners and will improve the speed at which you can solve problems in the given topic. It does not rely on the learner typing in the answer. Rather, the learner must choose the correct answer from a list of 2, 3 or 4 similar answers.

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CHOOSE OR LOSE encourages faster problem solving for common and vital elementary math topics. CHOOSE OR LOSE is a timed game with a leaderboard for each topic at each of the 4 levels on offer. You can play the game with or without audio and robots.

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How to play Choose or lose to practice 'Round to nearest 10,000' for 4th grade

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Our CHOOSE OR LOSE game asks the learner to click on the correct answer from a selection of possible answers before the clock runs down.

  1. Click on PLAY to start.
  2. You are presented with a topic question, then a list or grid of 2 to 4 possible answers (depending on the topic you have chosen).
  3. You must select the correct answer by clicking on it before the clock counts down.
  4. You have 10 seconds in total to answer each question.
  5. The clock starts ticking down 5 seconds after the answers have appeared.
  6. To hear the question again, click / tap on the question box.
  7. The browser will speak the potential answers on rolling-over them.
  8. A correct answer gains you 10 points.
  9. A wrong answer loses you 2 points.
  10. A time out loses you 5 points.
  11. A score is kept of correct answers against number of answers.
  12. The game is timed, and your final score (points earned minus time taken) is given at the end of the game. Top 10 scores for a topic get you a place on the leaderboard.
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