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Frequently asked questions

  1. Why can't I hear the robots speak when using Free Maths Games?
    Speech on Free Maths Games uses the Web Speech API that is a relatively new technology. Some browsers do not support this standard at all. Google Chrome and Macintosh Safari have well implemented support for the technology. Other browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Opera have limited support.
    We currently recommend that you use Chrome or Safari when accessing Free Maths Games if this is a practical option.

  2. Why can't I see any pictures / get the activities to work?
    If you are using Free Maths Games in a school or college you may find that materials are being blocked by your institution's IT policy.
    Free Maths Games delivers it's learning materials (pictures and javascript files) from the sub-domain "" which is separate from the domain.
    If you are using Free Maths Games at school or college and materials are being blocked you will need to ask your IT department to unblock the sub-domain "" in order to fully appreciate just how good Free Maths Games is.

  3. What is Free Maths Games?
    Free Maths Games is a free website for pupils and teachers learning or teaching maths. It consists of lessons, games and tests to help learners improve / reinforce their maths in a lively and enjoyable way.

  4. What does it cost to use Free Maths Games?
    Free Maths Games is free to use.

  5. How can I find out how to use Free Maths Games?
    Free Maths Games has been designed to be very easy to use - you will find help sections on all pages not only telling you how to use the resource on that page, but also giving you some background into how the activity will help with your maths learning and retention. Feel free to contact us if you have suggestions for further improvements we could make to Free Maths Games

  6. What levels of maths are covered by the resource?
    The maths is currently for preschool and beginner learners and is suitable for those learning maths in school or at home. The topics are matched to the school curriculum for beginner and the in-development intermediate sections.

  7. Who is Free Maths Games intended to be used by?
    Free Maths Games was created from a teaching product we developed for beginner and intermediate pupils (5 to 16 years) but has been expanded so that it is suitable and enjoyable for most children and their teachers.

  8. Do you do websites for other subjects?
    We have numerous language learning websites (hence the company name) for:

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